Lead Article - Bainbridge 1st, Patty Wolff Temp Supply Pastor


Greetings and Happy New Year from First Presbyterian Church of Bainbridge!! We come to you today from our virtual world, which we have been sharing with each other since last March. The sessions of Bainbridge and East Guilford have watched the world crash into the pandemic and have decided more than once over the year to wait – to see what might happen – when things would be safe again for our aging congregations.

But that hasn’t stopped us. We have been meeting regularly over ZOOM at 10:00 AM on Sunday morning – a joint worship (including Windsor at times) – with some live music and some videos over YouTube. (A secret – if your organist plays live over ZOOM, try asking him or her NOT to use the Sustain Pedal – it really cleans up the feedback.) We have also enjoyed the fellowship over the ‘Brady Bunch tableau’ and a few stay for virtual coffee. In addition to this our regular mission work continues – the Thrift Store (although shut down right now) has been open for much of 2020 and we continue to fill both the Bainbridge and East Guilford blessing box. Two “ZOOM Bible Studies” are in progress and we are grateful for all the parishioners who are keeping things going. Lastly, but not least, we have responded to some community needs (illness, fire, etc.). For all that we have been able to do we give thanks to God. Prayers continue for the end of the COVID crisis and peace in our country. In all that you do, may you be blessed!

Patty Wolff, Pastor