Justice in Mission and Ministry

JIMM Mission 

To serve the congregations, their members and the whole presbytery by offering education, resources and advocacy tools as they seek to understand the broader systemic implications of ministries of compassion and the call to express God’s shalom and justice: locally, regionally, nationally, globally.


The Poor People's Campaign is having a National Digital Rally, originally scheduled to be in person in Washington, DC, on June 20, 2020. 


The Campaign is co-chaired by Presbyterian minister Dr. Liz Theoharis and is endorsed by the PCUSA.  


This rally is intended to focus on the cracks in American society that have become much more apparent during this coronavirus crisis.  Our hope is that as this pandemic subsides, we will return, not to "business as usual," but to a changed world of "us" rather than "me,"  where human lives are valued more than possessions and profits.


 You can register for this event at Registration link for June 20, 2020.



In relation to the Biblical calls for God’s justice, as part of the total mission of the Church, and the serving and encouraging roles of our Presbytery, the "Justice in Mission" Ministry Team coordinates, communicates and supports concerns of local churches and lifts up larger issues in the connectional church and in the world. 

JIM supports social justice concerns: e.g. Peacemaking, Eco-Justice, Hunger, and the justice groups in local congregations, such as Ithaca PC’s “Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation.”

Hunger Action Enabler

Trained by the PCUSA Hunger Program, our presbytery "Hunger Action Enabler" (HAE) is available to help local churches interpret hunger issues and support local programs.  Click here to go to the HAE page.

Stewardship of Creation Enabler

 Trained by the PCUSA Environmental Justice Office, our presbytery "Stewardship of Creation Enabler" (SCE) is available to help local churches interpret eco-justice issues and support local programs.  Click here to go to the SCE page.