Prayer Joys and Concerns 


Please pray for the Rev. Patricia Wolff who is not feeling well and is going to NYC for some tests.


Prayers for Rev. Dale Francis and his wife who was moved to a nursing home.


Prayers for Rev. Becky Kindig dealing with medical issues.


Continued prayers for Rev. Bruce Gillette, Pastor of the Owego Church, who had more extensive lab work done at University of Rochester recently and reviewed the results with the medical staff.  The big news is the transplant has successfully been grafted!  "I am being taken off two medications and a third is being lowered.  I will go back to Rochester soon to meet with a specialist to see if more of the meds can soon be eliminated.  I continue to need to be very careful not to be exposed to any infections; I no longer have any childhood vaccines in me.  I look forward to getting these vaccinations again. I am very grateful for everyone's prayers and support through this journey to healing." 

Prayers for the Rev. Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, Associate Pastor of the Owego Church, who is dealing with fluid behind the retina of her right eye.  She is going to the Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia to seek a treatment process, possibly using laser.




Please contact Committee on Ministry co-chairs, Bob Heinle and Lisa Heckman if you have a pastoral care concern or need.