Lead Article - Cortland United David Johnson, Pastor


What is a “Mission Extravaganza”? It is a celebration of the important work of the many agencies that serve the people of the Cortland community.

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, the congregation of the United Presbyterian Church of Cortland gathered in worship to recognize five Cortland agencies with which we have had a special connection.  We recognized the Cortland County Council of Churches, Catholic Charities, Helping Hands/Caring Heart, Loaves & Fishes, and the YWCA’s Aid to Victims of Violence. Representatives of each agency were present to speak during the special service, receive a monetary “extra mile” gift, and host a display table at a soup and bread meal following the service.

During the special service that focused on Christ’s call to serve, the members and guests were provided a brochure that summarized the mission projects of the congregation over the last six years. Over fifty-eight projects were included. Listed were missions of the PCUSA, a variety of international ecumenical missions, and many local and regional missions. Monetary and in-kind support was noted. The brochure recognized that during the past six years the congregation contributed over $109,000 to missions and collected over 21,400 food items for local food pantries. The church building hosts AA meetings, the Boy Scouts, quilters, Helping Hands/Caring Heart, and countless special programs and concerts for the community.

The Mission Extravaganza was organized by the congregation’s Contact & Mission Committee under the leadership of Elder Tom Corey and Pastor David Johnson.

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The Rev. Rachel Ditch, Executive Director

The Cortland County Council of Churches