Lead Article - Bainbridge 1st, Patty Wolff Temp Supply Pastor

At 225 years young, the Bainbridge Presbyterian Church is caring for the Bainbridge-Guilford Community in a way that would make the founding folks of the Society of Cilicia proud. 

Ongoing mission to the Bainbridge-Guilford school system provides clothing, socks, sneakers, underwear, and personal care items to the school nurse (elementary school) and the Bobcat Boutique (middle and high school), Every year new Curious George books are provided to incoming kindergarteners, and snacks are provided for certain classes (pretzel ministry). 

The Thrift Store, which has been operating over three years (thanks to the New Beginnings program) regularly helps people in the community with everything from medical costs, to gas cards to use for transportation to treatments, to free clothing to those in need, to fence repairs. Annual proceeds, which amount to over $10,000 annually are used completely for mission.

Please continue to keep this wonderful church in your prayers.