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To find the latest issues and ideas about Eco-Justice from the perspective of Presbyterian faith, check out the “Eco-Journey” (blog from the Environmental Ministries Office of the PCUSA)

The lead article for September describes the National Council of Churches promotion of “Seeking God’s Grace for the Gulf: A Day of Worship, Reflection and Healing” on Sunday, October 3.  Presbyterian individuals and congregations are invited to join them by hosting a worship service, candle light vigil or other event that lifts up the needs of those in the Gulf. Worship resources, bulletin insert available.

SCE Report to November 19, 2011 Assembly

Here is a list of the Earth Care congregations in the Synod of the Northeast.  Congratulations to East Guilford United Presbyterian Church!  Christ Community Church in Cortland is also considering this program.

  • East Guilford United Presbyterian Church, Sidney, New York
  • First Presbyterian Church, Ithaca, New York
  • Jacksonville Presbyterian Church, Bordentown, New Jersey
  • North Presbyterian Church, Williamsville, New York
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church, East Brunswick, New Jersey

I plan to reach out to these churches as well as those nearby in PA, to share stories about how Earth care is being implemented and to possibly form a network,  that can function as a local Environmental Ministries Network (  ) to address regional issues such as water.  The Synod of the Northeast is forming a group around water (see the JIMM Team report).