Hunger Action Enabler - Joyce Donahue

Ask Joyce about the “2c a Meal” program or the “Just Eating? Practicing Our Faith at the Table” seven-session curriculum from the Hunger Program.

To find the latest issues and ideas about Hunger from the perspective of Presbyterian faith, check out the “Presbyterian Hunger Program” (pages under Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministries of the PCUSA General Assembly Mission Council)

The lead article for September urges Presbyterian Churches to Join the Food Week of Action, October 10-17.

HAE Report to September 14, 2010 Assembly

General Assembly Action: Social Witness and Peace Committee

Among the many issues addressed in the GASWP Committee at the 2010 GA in Minneapolis was one that I feel should be addressed within the bounds of the Hunger Program.

The topic _Living Through Economic Crisis *_ was divided into three parts under the   heading of *The Church's Witness in Troubled Times.

*Suggested areas of concern that congregations could address and devote time and programs to in their planning for the coming church year.

  • Congregations, families be urged to meet together to discuss changes to lower consumption, live more simply.
  • Congregations are invited to create ways of supporting persons/families impacted by unemployment, economic downturn.
  • Members, congregations, presbyteries be requested to advocate for the preservation of public services essential for the public good.

The Hunger Program website of the PCUSA has many resources for programs dealing with food, water and other related issues.    

Please contact me if you have questions or would like me to address a group in your church.           

In Christ's love
Joyce Donohue, HAE Susquehanna Valley Presbytery

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