Youth & Adult Mission Trip
to the Heifer Global Village

July 23–26, 2018

at Shepherd’s Spring Outdoor Ministry Center

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“If there’s enough for all, then why don’t all have enough?”

— Dan West, founder of Heifer International

Furthermore, what can WE do about it?

The Heifer Global Village at Shepherd’s Spring seeks to understand just that. We’re looking for thoughtful, inquisitive, dissatisfied individuals who are doing some seeking of their own
to join this experiential program.

The Global Village is a collection of model homes representing poor communities around the world. Participants delve deeper into the causes and effects of hunger and poverty, focusing on issues such as health, clean water, nutrition, economic disparity, and lack of education.

In this role-playing simulation, you’ll become “citizens” of a particular house for the evening. Spend a night “living as” someone from one of these places: barter with others for food, cook your meals over a fire, and work with your team to “survive” till morning.

It may look fun and easy, but success is not guaranteed!

The Heifer Global Village is a dynamic educational facility working in partnership with Heifer International (, a US-based non-governmental organization whose mission is to eradicate hunger and poverty. We are one of four Heifer Global Villages in the country and the only one in the Mid-Atlantic region. At the Heifer Global Village, participants explore the world’s most pressing issues through role-playing simulations, activities, and discussions, including:

  • Walking tour of the Heifer Global Village
  • World population & consumption trends
  • Role-playing simulation mirroring the global economy
  • Teamwork, delegation, leadership, and consensus-building
  • Manual labor, including hauling water and gathering firewood
  • STEM in developing regions
  • Fire-building
  • Bartering for food
  • Cooking over a fire or woodstove
  • Language barriers
  • Authentic physical & social limitations
  • Hunger & malnutrition
  • Realistic world marketplace
  • Income & wealth inequality
  • Causes & effects of poverty
  • Lack of education
  • Evidence of how livestock animals help poor communities
  • A closer look at the innovative business model of Heifer International

If you’re interested, contact registrar Joan Loeffler at SVPregistrar1(at) or 607-316-7697, or register below.

This trip is open to youth entering 6th grade and up, as well as adults of all ages.

The cost to you is $75, due upon registration. (The total cost per participant is $268 plus travel expenses — the presbytery is paying the remainder of that cost.)

Please send the registration fee to:

Joan Loeffler
362 West Hill Road
South New Berlin, NY 13843


Contact registrar Joan Loeffler (SVPregistrar1(at); 607-316-7697)

Register online (below) or download the registration form:

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Registration Form

COVENANT OF CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY: During this trip we will be living together, youth and adults, in Christian community. Christian community is based on relationships and behavior demonstrating respect, self-control, love, and patience. By registering below, I agree to participate to my fullest ability in all activities, and to demonstrate the depth and width of Christ’s love and mercy to my fellow participants by listening with interest, behaving kindly toward others, casting aside judgment, sharing my thoughts and faith, and working to be compassionate and full of grace.