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Please open for an update letter from the Ethiopian Partnership Team ministry. We look forward to continuing this valuable ministry together.
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The Ethiopian Partnership Team looks forward to reporting to the Presbytery at its May 31st Assembly. In the meantime, please click on this link:
(or copy and paste in your browser) to see a 15-minute presentation of our February trip.

A full presentation, with time for question and answers, has been scheduled for Nineveh Presbyterian Church on Sunday, March 23rd, at 12:30pm. You're welcome to join us then; we also hope to schedule presentation times in congregations on the east and west ends of the Presbytery. Stay tuned!
Emrys Tyler, emrystyler(at)

Report/Update on Presbytery Partnership with Western Wollega Bethel Synod (WWBS), Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Presbyterian church was established in 1919 by  missionaries from the Presbyterian Church of America.  The mission  started with the work of evangelism, and the operation of a school and  clinic.   The missionaries were forced to leave from 1936 through 1941  because of the Italian occupation.  When the missionaries returned in  1942 they left the work of evangelism to the indigenous church leaders and  they continued the work of the school and clinic.   Many churches,  clinics and church school were built from 1942 until 1974 when the communist  revolution occurred.

The Bethel Evangelical Church encountered severe persecution  from 1974 until the communist government was ousted in 1991.  Churches  were closed down.  Many members were put in prison and some were killed  because of their faith.  Church buildings were converted to store rooms,  dance halls and offices for peasant associations.

After 1991 the revival of church work began with great vigor.    Today there are ten presbyteries with 241 congregations and over  225,000 members.   The Synod operates an elementary school, a secondary  school, a bible school and two hostels for orphans.  The dynamic membership  growth of the church is primarily attributable to the holistic ministry that  is addressing the spiritual, physical and social needs of the communities of  Western Wollega.  People are serving people.   The poor and the  needy are serving the poorer and more needy.  Church members are  "living for Christ".  They are praising God in spite of the  economic, social and other crises they face.

Worshippers walk hours to standing-room-only Sunday services.    Cell groups of up to one hundred souls praise the Lord at weekday worship  services and bible study in neighborhood homes.  The strong fellowship  of believers acts as a positive influence for evangelism.  Due to a  shortage of pastors much of the work of the church is being carried out by  lay members.  Elders are provided with one month of training, so they  can effectively perform their duties.  Youngsters are enthusiastically  participating and serving in all levels within the church.

In spite of much previous persecution and current adversity,  the churches of the Western Wallega Bethel Synod are alive and actively  growing.  The members are enthusiastically praising God in worship and  prayer and living for Christ by sharing what God has given them.

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