TABLE OF CONTENTS: COM Manual & Resources (as of May 18, 2020)

Commission on Ministry (COM) for the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley

PREFACE to COM Manual & Resources 

I. Commission on Ministry (COM) Responsibilities

      Policy:  Commission on Ministry Responsibilities

      Procedures:  Commission on Ministry Practices

      Resource: COM Representative to Churches – Checklist

      Resource: COM History

      Resource: The Advisory Handbook for Ministry Committees-Commissions (current ed)


II. On Calling a Pastor

      A. Installed

            Policy/Procedures: The Search Process to Call an Installed Pastor     First Read 6/6/2020

            Resource:  Agenda for Special Cong. Meeting to Elect an Installed Pastor

            Policy / Procedures:  Ordin/Installation of Ministers of Word and Sacrament

            Form:  Pastoral Call Form for Installed Pastor

            Form:  AC for Ordination/Installation of a Minister of Word and Sacrament

            Procedure / Resource: Temporary to Installed Pastor (NEW) 

      B. Temporary

            Policy / Procedure: Temporary Pastor (Commissioned Lay Pastors and temporary pastors formerly                     known as Stated Supply or Interim) 

      C. All Pastors

            Policy/Resource: Terms of Call Part I - General   First Read 6/6/2020

            Policy/Resource: Terms of Call Part II - Reimbursable Items    First Read 6/6/2020

            Policy/Resource: Terms of Call Part III - Compensated Time Off   First Read 6/6/2020

            Resource: 2020 Minimum Compensation

            Form:  Financial Reality Check    First Read 6/6/2020

            Forms:  2021 Annual Compensation Worksheets   COM revision in progress as of 05/18 

            Policy: Maternity/Paternity and Family Care Leave 

            Policy/Procedures: Pastor transferring within the Presbytery     First Read 6/6/2020

            Policy:  Dissolution of Pastoral Relationships      2nd Read 6/6/2020

            Resource:  Exit Interview upon Dissolution of Pastoral Relationship     2nd Read

            Form:  Dissolution of Pastoral Relationship    2nd Read 6/6/2020 

            Resource:  On Calling a Pastor (PCUSA resource, current edition)

            Resources:  Church Leadership Connection (PCUSA resources, current editions)

                  Preamble and Ministry Information Form (MIF) - Church

                  Instructions for entering a Ministry Information Form (MIF) - Church

                  Preamble and Personal Information Form (PIF) - Pastor

                  Instructions for entering a new Personal Information Form (PIF) - Pastor 

            Resource:  Candidate / Pastor / Minister Indebtedness


III. Congregational Life

      Policy / Procedures:  Moderators of Churches without Pastors

      Resource:  Conversation Starters

      Resource:  Session Responsibilities

      Resource:  Expectations of Session Members (NEW)

      Resource:  Clerk of Session’s Tool Box (NEW)

      Resource:  Manses / Housing (NEW)    Changes as of 05/11/2020

      Resource:  Conflict Resolution

      Resource:  Sharing Pastoral Leadership (NEW)    First Reading 6/6/2020

      Resource:  Sample: Sexual misconduct policy /child & youth protection policy (NEW)


IV. Minister Membership within Presbytery

      Policy / Procedures / Resource: Minister Members within Presbytery

      Resource: COM Exam for Those Seeking Membership within PSV (NEW)

      Form: COM Examination for those seeking membership within PSV

      Resource: OGA-AdvOp – RecMinisters – Other Denominations (NEW item) 


Policies / Procedures / Resources / Forms working on:

      II. On Calling a Pastor

            Temporary -

                  Session agenda to review covenant and contract with Temp Pastor (NEW)

                  Sample covenants and contracts

            All --

                  Resource:  Ethical Conduct for Pastors (ready for COM input as of 5/18)

                  Resource:  Standards of Ethical Conduct (210th General Assembly/1998)


Items above replace old Policy (recommend removing and archiving):

                  Policy 26 - Ministerial Ethics


      V. Miscellaneous Items (NEW section):

      Resource:  COM Considerations for Requesting an Administrative Commission

      Resource:  PSV Confidentiality Policy (11/04/2014)

      Resource:  Policy for Discernment regarding Gracious Dismissal

      Resource:  Laboring outside the bounds of Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley 

COM will continue to develop materials for the COM Manual & Resources that will be helpful to the work of the Commission, our congregations, presbyters, and the Presbytery at large such as the item below. 


  • Pastor, Counselor, and Advisor to MoWS and Congregations

Book of Order G-3.0307 Pastor, Counselor, and Advisor to Its Ministers of the Word and Sacrament and Congregations



Topical Listing of Committee on Ministry Forms and Policies

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 Vacancy Process

PDF forms   Editable Documents

Policy 3   – Pastor Search Process (first reading June Assembly)

Policy 5Interviewing Applicants Seeking Presbytery Membership (first reading June Assembly)

Policy 7   – Affirmative Action/ Equal Employment Opportunities (first reading June Assembly)

*Policy 9   – Dissolution of Pastoral Relationship

Policy 13Policy on Pastors Entering, Leaving, or Transferring within the Presbytery (first reading June Assembly)

Part II  continued  - forms for Calls and Contracts, Interviewing, Dissolving Pastoral Relationships, Interim reports, EEO, Installations

PDF forms   Editable Documents

Form 1AContract for Interim Pastors

Form 1BContract for Commissioned Lay Pastors

*Form 4   –  Dissolution of a Call or Appointment Form

*Form 12Questions to the Pastor during an Exit Interview

Form 13First Year Ministry Assessment Report Form (first reading June Assembly)

Form 26Financial Reality Checklist (Pastor Search process)


PART 3 – Resourcing Church Professionals, Compensation Policies

PDF forms   Editable Documents

Policy 6Guidelines for Receiving Ministers from Other Denominations

Policy 14   – Full-time and Part-time Positions (first reading June Assembly)

Policy 19   – Minimum Compensation Standards

Policy 20   – General Standards for Ministerial Employment and Compensation (first reading June Assembly)

(including Continuing education, Study leave, Sabbatical)  Document above is 18 pages in length

Part III  continued - various guidelines for Pastors, Students, Lay Pastors

PDF forms   Editable Documents

Policy 22Guaranteeing Pastor's Pension Dues (first reading June Assembly)

Policy 23   – Pastor Salary Supplement Fund

Policy 24AEarly Ministry Institute (first reading June Assembly)

Policy 24B removed - New Pastorate Workshop no longer exists

Policy 26   – Guidelines for Ministerial Ethics (first reading June Assembly)

Policy 27   – Guidelines for Mentors (first reading June Assembly)

Part III  continued - various report forms, Temporary contract

PDF forms   Editable Documents

Form 16   – Quarterly Report Form for Mentors (first reading June Assembly)


PART 4 – Resourcing Churches

PDF forms   Editable Documents

Policy 11Moderators in Churches without a Pastor

Policy 12Duties of a Session without a Pastor

Policy 30   – Conflict Resolution

Policy 28   – Commissioned Lay Pulpit Supply and Commissioned Lay Pastor

Policy 29  – Criteria for Exercising Additional Responsibilities - Commissioned Lay Pastor

Policy 23   – Pastor Salary Supplement Fund (first reading June Assembly)

Policy 22Guaranteeing Pastor's Pension Dues

Policy 21Maternity/ Paternity Leave

Part IV continued - Triennial Visits, Moderator's report, Liaison checklist 

PDF forms   Editable Documents

Form 6   – Moderator’s Report for a Session without a Minister

Form 7COM Liaison Checklist