Assembly, Saturday, March 30, 2019 - Bainbridge

To the Church Commissioners, Council Elders and Committee Chairs, Commissioned Lay Pastors, and Minister Members of Presbytery:

Moderator, Glenna Coutts has called a special meeting of the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley to be held on Saturday, March 30, 2019, at 10:00 AM, for the purpose of: 

1. Second reading and Adopting COM Manual & Resources items:

Section I. COM Responsibilities

      Policy:  Committee on Ministry Established

      Procedures:  Committee on Ministry Practices

      Resource: COM Representative to Churches – Checklist

      Resource: COM Representative to Churches -- Conversation Starters

      Resource: COM History

Section II. On Calling a Pastor

      A. Installed:

                  Policy / Procedures:  Ord/Installation of Ministers of Word and Sacrament

                  Form:  Pastoral Call Form for Installed Pastor

                  Form:  AC for Ordination/Installation of a Minister of Word and Sacrament

                  Resource:  Agenda for Special Cong. Meeting to Elect an Installed Pastor


2. A first reading of COM Manual & Resources items:

Section II. On Calling a Pastor

      C. All Pastors

                  Resource:  Candidate / Pastor / Minister Indebtedness

Section III. Congregational Life

      Policy / Procedures:  Moderators of Churches without Pastors

      Resource:  Session Responsibilities

      Resource:  Expectations of Session Members

      Resource:  Clerk of Session’s Tool Box

      Resource:  Sample: Sexual misconduct policy /child & youth protection policy

      Resource:  Manse and Housing

      Resource:  Conflict Resolution


This Special Assembly Meeting will take place at Bainbridge First Presbyterian Church

3 Church Street, Bainbridge, NY 13733 (MAP)

Registration is from 9:30 - 10:00 AM with the meeting to start at 10:00 AM.


Relevant paper(s) for this special presbytery assembly meeting will be posted shortly below.   You may need to have the presbytery user name and password to be able to open the files

Please print or save your papers to your computer in advance as only limited Internet will be available at the center.  


Chris Burger and Rebecca Kindig, Co-Stated Clerks