Assembly, Saturday, November 18, 2017Cincinnatus

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 Minutes in Seconds

 Digest of Actions Taken at the Stated Meeting

 of The Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley

 United Presbyterian Church, Cincinnatus NY Saturday November 18, 2017

Pre-meeting worship was led by George Carruth(Cincinnatus),including music by the barbershop quartet “Sentinel”, and an offering of $593 was received, divided in half for the Christmas Joy Offering and Cortland-Chenango Rural Services.

 Moderator George Budine(Nichols) called the meeting to order with prayer at 10:03 a.m.

 First time commissioner Mark Stromberg (Valley United, Waverly) along with guests, Susan Hammerslag and Joanne Pomeroy from Walton United were introduced. Dr. Charles Colton(professor at Davis College) who has been pulpit supply at Conklin, was seated as a corresponding member.

 A quorum was present – 25 churches were represented by Ruling Elder Commissioners, 21 Teaching Elders, 2 Commissioned Lay Pastors, 3 Ruling Elders with vote due to office, and 6 visitors and office staff. The total enrolled attendance was 52.

After a greeting and announcement of arrangements by Host Pastor George Carruth, the Agenda was approved. A Consent Agenda, receiving the Treasurer and Financial reports, was approved. The minutes of the September meeting were amended and approved. The Nominating Committee report was displayed on the screen and the following were elected:

 JoAnn Gray(RE) Cabinet, class of 2020

 Bea Mooney(RE) Committee on Ministry, class of 2019

 Stuart Rogers(RE, ) Committee on Ministry, class of 2019

 Bob Heinle(TE) Committee on Ministry, class of 2019

 Mark Piedmonte(TE) Committee on Preparation, class of 2019

 Karen Marshfield(RE) Committee on Lay Preaching, class of 2019

 Barbara Renton(TE) Committee on Lay Preaching, class of 2019

 Cynthia Burger(RE) Committee on Representation, class of 2019

 Jean Fairbairn(RE) Committee on Representation, class of 2019

 Earl Arnold(TE) Permanent Judicial Commission, class of 2023

 Barbara Schwartz(TE) Permanent Judicial Commission, class of 2023

 Leslie Anne King(RE) Permanent Judicial Commission, class of 2023

 Pat Raube(TE) 223rd General Assembly Commissioner

 Lisa Heckman(TE) 223rd General Assembly Alternate Commissioner

 JoAnn Gray(RE) 223rd General Assembly Commissioner

 Bea Mooney(TE) 223rd General Assembly Alternate Commissioner

 Kerri White Young Adult Advisory Delegate 223rd General Assembly

 Garrett Schindler(TE) Synod of the Northeast Commissioner, class of 2018

 Marsha Muller(RE) Synod of the Northeast Commissioner, class of 2018

 Committee Chairs for 2018:

 Janet Adair Hansen (TE) and Marsha Muller (RE) co-chairs Committee on Ministry

 Mark Piedmonte(TE) Committee on Preparation

 Barbara Renton(TE) Committee on Lay Preaching

 Cynthia Burger(RE) Committee on Representation

 Presbytery approved extending the terms of Cynthia Walton Leavitt and Garrett Schindler on the Nominations Comittee until the next Presbytery Assembly.

 Lynn Reeves and Junietta Brooks presented the Ethiopian Partnership Team, including the hope that a representative from women’s ministries in Ethiopia may be able to come for an April 26, 2018 gathering in Portland Oregon. Dorothy Thomas(Cortlandville) read from the journal she kept while in Ethiopia.

Bobby Outterson-Murphy(Delhi, United Ministry)and Rebecca Kindig reported for the Christian Nurture Team about the excitement building for the trip for youth through age 29 to the Taize Community in France this summer. 10 have signed up so far. Leaders can be 35 or younger. It was approved that Presbytery fund a total of $2400 for two chaperones out of Creative Ministry funds.

Dave Johnson(Cortland UP and Cabinet Chair) reported that Presbytery finances continue on-track or ahead with receipts for Per Capita and Mission giving. Presbytery approved the 2018 Budget as presented.

A thank you was expressed to Dave Johnson for his time as Cabinet Chair as his term ends.

After a stretch break, Presbytery resumed at 11:14 a.m.

The Stated Clerk reported that Marathon submitted their Session Minutes but not the Roll Book for reading today, and it should be included as approved with exception(no roll book). Presbytery approved the reading of minutes, without exception, from 25 churches.

Presbytery approved an Overture to be sent to the General Assembly and the Synod of the Northeast to change the boundaries of the Synods and Presbyteries and transfer Valley United Presbyterian Church to Lackawanna Presbytery. Dale Barber spoke to the history and rationale for this process, including the recent decision of the Congregation. It is anticpated that the May Presbytery Assembly will be hosted at Valley United in Waverly, and will be a joint meeting of the two Presbyteries. Watch for the correct date to be announced.

Committee on Ministry. Co-chair Janet Adair Hansen gave the report. James F. Martin was granted Honorable Retirement effective January 15, 2018. Dave Johnson read remarks and presented a gift, and others added their thoughts and thanks.

Presbytery commissioned two ruling elders: Susan Hammerslag and Joann Pomeroy, to officiate at the Lord’s Supper at the Walton Church during the time they are without a pastor. Moderator George Budine conducted the commissioning service.

Moderator George Budine announced the names of those appointed to the Hobart Administrative Commission: ministers Cynthia Walton Leavitt(Oneonta United), Bobby Outterson Murphy(Delhi United), and Garrett Schindler(Bovina) along with ruling elders Judy Wildenstein(Walton) and Jan Bray(Bovina) with alternate elders Tom Morton and Fred Doyle from Worcester and Stamford respectively. These folks are going to try to come alongside Hobart and help them.

Moderator George Budine conducted the installation of Ruling Elder Chris Burger(Binghamton United) and Minister Rebecca Kindig(Binghamton United) as Co-Stated Clerks effective January 1, 2018. The agenda was extended 15 minutes to accommodate the installation and sharing Good News

After sharing of Good News from a dozen churches and events around the Presbytery, Christine Rogalski gave some tips for filling out the annual information forms included in the church packets.

Presbytery adjourned with prayer and singing “O Come Let Us Adore Him” led by the Moderator at 12:18.

The next Presbytery Assembly will be held at the First Presbyterian Church, Bainbridge NY on Saturday February 24, 2018.