Saturday, September 16, 2017 - Presbytery Assembly at Nineveh Presbyterian

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Minutes in Seconds

Digest of Actions Taken at the Stated Meeting

of The Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley

Nineveh Presbyterian Church, Nineveh NY Saturday September 16, 2017

Following worship using Lectio Divina readings of Psalm 46, led by Julie Jensen(Nineveh), George Budine(Nichols), Lisa Heckman(Owego), Becky Kindig(Binghamton United), Lisa Ruth Mays(Delhi First), Mark Montfort(Oneonata First),  Mark Piedmonte(Gilbertsville/Garrattsville), and Pat Raube(Endicott, Union)  the meeting was called to order with prayer by Moderator George Budine(Nichols) at 9:50 a.m.  An offering of $1145 was received for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

A quorum was present –  17 churches were represented by Ruling Elder Commissioners,  20 Teaching Elders,  3 Commissioned Lay Pastors, 2 Ruling Elders with vote due to office, and 10 visitors and office staff.  There were no corresponding members, but commissioners  Sherry Dans(Christ Community, Cortlandville) and Dean VeenHoff(Gilbertsville) were recognized, along with guests  Diane Olmstead (Johnson City) and Bill and Sandy Thomas(Nichols) and infant Caleb Shindler(voice but no vote).   The total enrolled attendance was 52.

Host Pastor Julie Jensen greeted the assembly, shared about updates to the sanctuary and logistics for lunch and facilities including the Internet password.  The built-in projection system and screen were used for the duration of the meeting for papers and presentations.  

Moderator George Budine took a moment to remind the Assembly of the basic purposes of a Presbytery in G-3.03, assisting and supporting the witness to the gospel so that all congregations become communities of Faith, Hope and Love where the Word of God is preached and the sacraments celebrated so that the covenant community is a place of nurture and growth.   

The Agenda was approved, adding a report from the Committee on Lay Preaching.  In place of a Consent Agenda a motion was approved to receive the Treasurer and Financial reports and approve the minutes of the previous meeting as well as the 2018 dates for Presbytery Assemblies in the report of the Stated Clerk.

Speaking for the Committee on Nominations, Garrett Schindler(Bovina) addressed the issue of the Stated Clerk's retirement at the end of the year and spoke of the decision to nominate Co-Stated Clerks.

Presbytery approved a motion to divide the question and after discussion voted to have the office of Stated Clerk shared by Co-Stated Clerks.

Ruling Elder Chris Burger(Binghamton United) and Minister Rebecca Kindig(Binghamton United)were nominated, answered questions and hearing no nominations from the floor, they were elected as Co-Stated Clerks effective January 1, 2018.

Cheryl Berg(Owego) presented both the report of the Ethiopian Partnership Team, highlighting the opportunities for support in the handouts.

Mark Piedmonte(Gilbertsville/Garrattsville) presented a report from the Christian Nurture Team about a trip for youth through age 29 to the Taize Community in France this summer.   Bobby Outterson-Murphy(Delhi, United Ministry) will be the organizer.  Presbytery approved a motion supporting the plan and subsidizing up to one-third of the cost for up to 20 young adults.

Under the Cabinet report, Dave Johnson(Cortland UP and Cabinet Chair) reported that Presbytery is on-track with receipts for Per Capita and Mission giving.  The report also shows projects that have supported some churches from Development Funds.  Julie Jensen  will be attending the Stewardship Kaleidoscope as one of those projects.  He also highlighted the discussion with Synod Leader Harold Delhagen regarding future directions and creative plans between Presbyteries at the Synod level.   David presented the draft 2018 Presbytery Budget for a first reading and questions. 

George Budine reported on some of the conversations between Central New York Presbyteries that have begun and are ongoing.  Two videos were shown, one from Larry Beasley of Utica Presbytery, and another by Mario Bolivar of Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery.  Both videos highlighted a couple different initiatives of the Central New York Presbyteries Network and enthusiastically welcomed PSV into the CNYPresbyteries Network

After a stretch break, under the Committee on Ministry report, Lisa Heckman presented Carol Wilson who is requesting Honorable Retirement after 14 years of as Pastor for the Charlotte Valley Presbyterian Church.  After sharing of stories and memories,  Presbytery approved dissolving the pastoral relationship and granting her retirement effective November 13, 2017.

A spreadsheet report of 2017 terms of contract or call for many churches and ministers of the Presbytery was received by Presbytery action.

After explanation from the written report, Presbytery approved establishing an Administrative Commission to work with the Hobart Presbyterian Church. 4 persons have indicated willingness to serve so far.   Moderator George Budine was empowered to fill the remaining names of those serving on the commission.

Presbytery also approved declaring the Hobart pulpit vacant effective October 1, 2017 and placing the Rev. H. Adelbert More in at-large status , since there has been no approved contract since 2014.

Marsha Muller(CLP, Deposit and COM co-chair), noted that the minimum terms of call for 2018 were adopted previously when a 5 year plan of equalizing minimum salaries for those churches with manses and those with housing allowances last year.

The Stated Clerk reported the dates of upcoming Session Record Reviews at various locations here and the Session Annual Statistical Reports on the GA website.   He also highlighted a communication from James Evinger of the General Assembly Task Force on Safe and Sacred Space (Child and Youth protection policies), if there is interest, please contact the Stated Clerk.

Marena and Garret Schindler shared a survey being taken today on the future plan for congregations to serve as liaisons to one another

After a motion to extend the Order of the Day for lunch and adjournment as long as needed to share announcements of Good News, Deb Fleming(CLP, Cabin Hill) gave a report from the Committee on Lay Preaching and about the plan to have a discussion on combining that committee and the Committee on Preparation together.

After sharing nearly two dozen announcements and comments about Good News, Presbytery adjourned with prayer and singing led by the Moderator at 12:18.

The next Presbytery Assembly will be held at the United Presbyterian Church, Cincinnatus NY on Saturday November 18, 2017.


Saturday September 16, 2017 Stated Presbytery Assembly Notice

To the Church Commissioners, Council Elders and Committee Chairs, Commissioned Lay Pastors, and Minister Members of Presbytery:

On Saturday September 16 the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley will be hosted by the Nineveh Presbyterian Church, phone (607)693-1919,  The church on State Route 7 Nineveh NY 13813  Parking is on both sides of the church.

Registration is from 8:30 - 9:30 am, with worship at 9:00 a.m. and the business meeting call to order at 9:40.  Complimentary beverages and refreshments will be available during registration.  Business will finish before lunch.  Lunch is available for $7.  The Lunch menu will include deli platters, potato salad, macaroni salad and a small salad bar, with cake for dessert and beverages.

Our Assembly offerings this year are normally divided evenly between the PC(USA) special offerings and local ministry needs, but for this meeting, it will go to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and a designation to be announced at the meeting.  Checks should be made to  "Nineveh Presbyterian Church". 

In addition to each pastor and lay pastor attending, each church is expected to send a ruling elder commissioner to presbytery assembly.  If the regular ruling elder delegate cannot attend, an alternate should go instead. Please email requests for excused absence to: statedclerk(at)

On September 8 reports and papers for the presbytery assembly meeting will begin to be posted and can be accessed online at:  then click Login.   You may need to have the presbytery user name and password to be able to open the files

Once logged in the papers are at  and click the link for the September 16, 2017 meeting near the top of the page.

Please print or save your papers to your computer in advance as only limited Internet will be available at the church.   

Rev. Dr. James F. Martin, Stated Clerk


Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley Assembly

Proposed Agenda Saturday September 16, 2017

Nineveh Presbyterian Church

State Highway 7, Nineveh NY 13813



8:30 - 9:30AM  Registration                                       

9:00 AM  Worship (40-45 min) 

..........Today's Offering is divided half and half between Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and a designation by the Nineveh Church Make checks payable to "Nineveh Presbyterian Church"

  [Times marked with  *O.D.  are Orders of the Day and will be honored unless the Assembly extends the Docket by a Motion or postponement to a Special Assembly]

 9:40 AM Call to Order / Prayer / Declaration of Quorum / Welcome by Host Pastor & Facility

Introductions of First Time Commissioners, Guests and Seating of Corresponding Members

Introduction of New Business  &  Approval of the Agenda [#1] and

Consent Agenda [#2] 

- includes Minutes of May 20 [#15]Treasurer [#16], Financial [#17],   [#18],    [#19],    [#20]

9:50 Committee on Nominations[#3]

10:00 Ethiopian Partnership Team[#4]

10:15 Christian Nurture Team [#5]

10:30 Presbytery Cabinet Report[#6]

            2018 Budget - First Reading [#7]

10:45 Stretch Break

10:55 Committee on Ministry   [#8] 

              2017 Terms of Call or Contract[#8A]

11:25 Report of Stated Clerk [#9]      Session Record Checklist [#9A]    Annual Statistics Workbook [#9B]

11:30 New or Unfinished Business

11:45  Sharing Good News and Announcements  (15 min)

               [ These will be ministry and mission oriented sharings.   Announcements pertaining to fund raisers/dinners, etc. should be shared by a written handout on the registration tables rather than verbal advertisements. ]

12:00 *O.D.  Adjourn with Lunch

 “The Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley lives to serve and encourage congregations as we together seek to be faithful to our calling in Jesus Christ.”

Moderator, Ruling Elder George Budine                            Vice-Moderator, Teaching Elder Robert Peak

Cabinet Chair, Teaching Elder David Johnson                    Stated Clerk, Dr. James Martin


                                               2017  Assembly Dates

Nov  18 (3rd Saturday )  Cincinnatus

                                               2018  Assembly Dates  - being approved today - all locations open

all are Saturdays             February 24             May 19               September 29                 November 17