Presbyterian Youth Triennium

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Churches are centered around the worship of and the trust in God as lived and taught by Jesus Christ and carried on by the power of the Holy Spirit. This includes the daily invitation to all of us to pray, serve, and “Go into the world!” For young people it helps to spend dedicated time discerning what these invitations mean, what they look like, and how they connect to their lives. At the Presbyterian Youth Triennium, through the presentations, studies, recreational events and mission experiences we strive to connect youth and adults with activities that inspire them to be alert, active and seek ways to connect their lives with their growing faith.

We believe that young people are prime carriers of the hope Christians are called to possess and share. And we believe that the Triennium is the perfect place to generate substantial energy and action on behalf of Jesus Christ! The event is planned around a central theme. Each day there is a sub-theme and supporting scriptures, speakers, conversations and mission opportunities. It is our goal to offer an experience that provides youth with the opportunity to explore their faith and their faith practices alongside those of the past and present faith communities.

Triennium is for:

Youth, entering freshmen through graduated seniors in high school.  Adult chaperones – known as “Adult Advisors.”  The Triennium community also includes volunteer staff such as small group leaders (adults 23 years and older), college age staff- known as “Work Crew”, guests from the sponsoring denominations, young people from partner churches and reformed denominations around the world – known as “Global Partners.”

Sponsored by:

The Presbyterian Youth Triennium is an event sponsored by the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Cumberland Presbyterian Churches (CPC and CPCA) for the purpose of gathering Presbyterian and Reformed young people from all over the United States and the world together for worship, prayer, play and community. The Triennium also hosts Global Partners, youth from the Presbyterian Church in Canada, ecumenical guests and hundreds of volunteers.