Presbytery Meeting Website Introduction

Welcome to the new website for the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley!  This site has been designed from the ground up to make some of our most important information (event listings, documents, etc.) more accessible to the public.

Take some time to explore the website and let us know what you think.  We look forward to hearing your feedback!

The Home Page

The home page of the new website features an interactive content slider that will display important details about upcoming events as well as crucial information that will be most important to a viewer.  The slider will automatically advance from one slide to the next every few seconds.  It can also be manually controlled by the viewer so that he/she can navigate to the content that is most important to them.

Additionally, on the home page you will find recent blog postings (general blog and Thursday Thoughts) in the side bar.  Here, you can also find links to upcoming presbytery events.

Basic Site Navigation 

The new website uses a basic two column layout for displaying information.  The primary content area is found on the left side of each page.  This is the area that will change from page to page.  The sidebar of the site is found on the right side of each page.  This area gives you quick access to some of the most important information and remains the same on the vast majority of pages.

The navigation bar (in green) is going to serve as your primary tool to find information on the site.  The main headings on the navigation bar represent the major "information" categories found on the new website.  Moving your mouse over some of the menu items will reveal a dropdown menu.  You can use this dropdown menu to navigate to more specific pages of the parent category.

Website Permissions & Restricted Areas 

There are certain areas on the page that are restricted because of sensitive content.  These areas require a login and password in order to reveal the contents of the page.  You can obtain login credentials by emailing the presbytery office directly.  You can also register for the website yourself.  Shortly after registering, you will be able to access restricted areas of the website with your newly created credentials.  Be sure to write down your password!