Saturday, May 20, 2017 - Presbytery Assembly at Owego, First Presbyterian Union Church

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Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley Assembly

Proposed Agenda Saturday May 20, 2017

First Presbyterian Union Church, Owego, NY


8:30 - 9:30AM  Registration                                       

9:00 AM  Worship (30 min) 

..........Today's Offering is divided half and half between  "the Pentecost Offering" and a local ministry  Make checks payable to "First Presbyterian Union Church"

9:30 AM Call to Order / Prayer / Declaration of Quorum / Welcome by Host Pastor & Facility

Introductions of First Time Commissioners, Guests and Seating of Corresponding Members

Introduction of New Business  &   Approval of the Agenda [#1]

Consent Agenda[#2] -- includes minutes of March 18, 2017 [#15]

Financial Reports  Treasurer (includes 2016 Year End) [#16]

[#17]Statement of Financial Position 2-28-17  [#18] Statement of Cash Flow 2-28-17

[#19] 2016 Year End Statement of Financial Position    [#20] 2016 Year End Statement of Cash Flow

[#21] 4/30/2017 Treasurer's Report and Financial Reports

Nominating Committee

9:35  Committee on Ministry [#4], Statement of Faith Marsha Muller [#4A]Liaison proposal  [#4B]

Mediation Team Flyer [#4C]

Committee on Lay Preaching

10:00  Ethiopian Partnership Team [#6] 10 minutes

Cabinet Report - preparatory announcement

Stretch Break

Cabinet Reports  [#7]
   Manual of Operations [#8] - for adoption

10:50 Report of Stated Clerk [#9]

Proposed Amendments to the Constitution from 2016  GA 220  - for vote

[#10] Advice from Commissioners  

[#10A] Analysis by Association of Stated Clerks(8 pages)

[#10B] Booklet style book of Proposed Amendments including full Directory for Worship (22pages)

Alternate:  regular size 8.5 x11 pages of Book of Amendments - 44 pages

[#10C] Chart of Old/New  Directory for Worship

[#10D] Study Guide for Directory of Worship

11:10  Justice in Mission Ministry Team -  Orissa Mission - 20 mins

11:30 New or Unfinished Business

11:45 *O.D.  Sharing Good News and Announcements  (15 min)

               [ These will be ministry and mission oriented sharings.   Announcements pertaining to fund raisers/dinners, etc. should be shared by a written handout on the registration tables rather than verbal advertisements. ]

12:00 *O.D.  Adjourn with Lunch


 “The Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley lives to serve and encourage congregations as we together seek to be faithful to our calling in Jesus Christ.”

Moderator, Ruling Elder George Budine                                   Vice-Moderator, Teaching Elder Robert Peak

Cabinet Chair, Teaching Elder David Johnson                                Stated Clerk, Dr. James Martin

                                                            2017  Assembly Dates

May 20 (3rd Saturday ) Owego    Sept 16(3rd Saturday)  Nineveh         Nov  18 (3rd Saturday) TBA