November  8, 2017

Saturday November 18, 2017 Stated Presbytery Assembly Notice

To the Church Commissioners, Council Elders and Committee Chairs, Commissioned Lay Pastors, and Minister Members of Presbytery:

On Saturday November 18 the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley will be hosted by the United Presbyterian Church, 5695 Deer Path Lane, Cincinnatus NY 13040, phone (607)863-4404.  The church building and parking is located in a residential neighborhood at 5695 Deer Path Lane behind the Cincinnatus Central School.  The portion of Deer Path Lane where the church building sits is a closed loop.   Parking is up the driveway in a lot at the church.

State Highways 26, 41 and 23 all converge from various directions just south of Cincinnatus.  Continuing north on Route 26 about 1/2 mile from this intersection, turn right(east) onto Telephone Rd. Ext. and go 3/10 mile to Lower Cinn-Cinn Road and turn left (Cincinnatus Road).  Continue north 4/10 mile, past the Central School to Deer Path Lane and turn left.  Continue less than 1/2 mile on Deer Path Lane, and either straight or left on the loop to the church building, sign and driveway at 5695.  

  GPS coordinates 42.544993, -75.898877.

Registration is from 8:30 - 9:30 am, with worship at 9:00 a.m. and the business meeting call to order at 9:40.  Complimentary beverages and refreshments will be available during registration.  Business will finish before lunch.  Lunch is available for $7.  The Lunch menu will include The Women's Famous Homemade Corn Chowder, Homemade Rolls, Fruit Salad, Cookies and beverages.

Our Assembly offerings this year are normally divided evenly between the PC(USA) special offerings and local ministry needs, for this meeting, it will go to the Christmas Joy Offering and Cortland-Chenango Rural Services.  Checks should be made to  "United Presbyterian Church". 

In addition to each pastor and lay pastor attending, each church is expected to send a ruling elder commissioner to presbytery assembly.  If the regular ruling elder delegate cannot attend, an alternate should go instead. Please email requests for excused absence to: statedclerk(at)

On November 11 reports and papers for the presbytery assembly meeting will begin to be posted and can be accessed online (Scroll Down further on this page)

Please print or save your papers to your computer in advance as only limited Internet will be available at the church.  

Rev. Dr. James F. Martin, Stated Clerk

Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley Assembly

Proposed Agenda Saturday November 18, 2017

United Presbyterian Church

5695 Deer Path Lane, Cincinnatus NY 13040

 phone (607)863-4404

8:30 - 9:30AM  Registration                           

9:00 AM  Worship (40-45 min) 

..........Today's Offering is divided half and half between the Christmas Joy Offering and Cortland-Chenango Rural Services. Make checks payable to "United Presbyterian Church"

 [Times marked with  *O.D.  are Orders of the Day and will be honored unless the Assembly extends the Docket by a Motion or postponement to a Special Assembly]

9:40 AM Call to Order / Prayer / Declaration of Quorum / Welcome by Host Pastor & Facility

Introductions of First Time Commissioners, Guests and Seating of Corresponding Members

Introduction of New Business  &  Approval of the Agenda [#1] and

Consent Agenda [#2]  includes Minutes of Sept 16 at Nineveh [#15]Treasurers Report [#16]

Financial Reports [#17][#18][#19][#20]

9:50 Committee on Nominations[#3]

10:05 Ethiopian Partnership Team [#4]

10:15 Christian Nurture Team[#5]


10:25 Presbytery Cabinet Report[#6]

            2018 Budget[#7]

10:40 Stretch Break

10:50 Report of Stated Clerk[#8]  will be posted late due to Review Session on 11/11 and Funeral

            [#9] Overture to General Assembly and Synod of the Northeast, to change boundaries and transfer Valley United Presbyterian Church to the Presbytery of Lackawanna.

backround pages for the above in previous Presbytery minutes from 2013

 11:05  Committee on Ministry[#10] 

 11:30 New or Unfinished Business

 11:45  Sharing Good News and Announcements  (15 min)

               [ These will be ministry and mission oriented sharings.   Announcements pertaining to fund raisers/dinners, etc. should be shared by a written handout on the registration tables rather than verbal advertisements. ]

 12:00 *O.D.  Adjourn with Lunch

  “The Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley lives to serve and encourage congregations as we together seek to be faithful to our calling in Jesus Christ.”

Moderator, Ruling Elder George Budine                                   Vice-Moderator, Teaching Elder Robert Peak

Cabinet Chair, Teaching Elder David Johnson                        Stated Clerk, Dr. James Martin

                                                             2018  Assembly Dates and locations

all are Saturdays            

February 24        Bainbridge                               

May ___ Waverly/Valley - joint with Lackawanna)

September 29      Unadilla                      

November 17