Proposed Amendments to Constitution - Book of Confession and Book of Order  (full size - blank sheets removed)

Proposed Amendments to Constitution - Book of Confession and Book of Order Booklet (two pages on one)

From the Moderator, Vice Moderator, Chair of the Cabinet, and Stated Clerk of Susquehanna Valley Presbytery:

We recognize that the actions taken by the 221st General Assembly are producing in us—Ruling Elders, Teaching Elders, and congregations—a variety of responses. And we recognize that our presbytery will be called to vote on several decisions that affect our Constitution.  We anticipate that our presbytery’s vote on amendments would occur in 2015.

We believe that the unity we share in the Spirit of Christ calls for open conversation about our responses. Only through such conversation will the work of our congregations, Sessions, and presbytery reflect the priorities of edification, mutual forbearance, and love to which Christ calls us.

In this Spirit we have decided to create space on the presbytery’s web page to serve as a source for information to the General Assembly’s actions. This selection of responses reflects no intention on our part to direct debate. Instead, we are providing this information to all PC(USA) officers, governing bodies, or presbyters from Susquehanna Valley who feel that the Lord has given them a word to speak for the whole Church.

In keeping with our desire for open communication, we invite you, the members of Susquehanna Valley presbytery, to give us any additional items that you feel would contribute to our mutual discernment of the will of God for the Church at this time. We ask you to continue to pray with us that God’s kingdom would come and God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Moderator,  Judi Gage    Send Mail
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Cabinet Chair, Lisa Heckman   Send Mail
Stated Clerk, Jim Martin    Send Mail
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New Documents

1) What Really Happened at the 2014 General Assembly

2) Assembly in Brief – from PCUSA website


General Assembly Documents

Post-Assembly Letter (two pages)

Pastoral Letter on Marriage (one page)

FAQ’s on Marriage (three pages)

Summary points on the Middle East and Divestment (one page)

FAQ’s on Middle East (7 pages)

Follow this link to Official Website 

Actual Business and full documents are found on PC-biz

This link is to the saved videos of the Assembly Plenary sessions by date order   for example, commissioner Sarah Erckert introduced a motion on the floor on Friday 

From our Commissioners

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From other sources

Bulletin Insert Summary - Presbyterian Outlook

Link to letter from Presbyterians for Renewal/Fellowship of Presbyterians

Note:  All churches of our Presbytery have permission to use or distribute either of the above documents if reproduced in their entirety.  

Link to Covenant Network (Mark Achtemeier address during dinner at Assembly)

Link to remarks by Bishop Mark Hanson of the ECLA (Evangelical Lutheran Church)

Blog Post (Ruth Everhart) that directly quotes Middle East action


Contributions from our Presbyters

Sermon and information from Cynthia Walton-Leavitt



Ruling Elder  Sarah Erckert,  Nineveh

Teaching Elder  Lynn Shepard,  Worcester


Others from Susquehanna Valley attending / observing / or volunteering at the Assembly:

Len & Judy Bjorkman

Christopher Hooker

Jim & Elva Martin

Cynthia Walton-Leavitt