Per Capita & Mission 

The PSV Budget for 2019, was adopted  November 17, 2018 shows:

The Per Capita Apportionment for 2019 is $39.05 per active member.  This amount is based on:

General Assembly                           $   8.95 per member

Synod of the Northeast                   $   4.10 per member

Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley  $ 26.00 per member

TOTAL                                           $ 39.05 per member

======================== compared to last year:

General Assembly                          $   7.73 per member

Synod of the Northeast                  $   4.10 per member

Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley $ 26.00 per member 

 TOTAL                                         $ 37.83 per member

The Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley receives two main sources of income to support our common ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. The first is the per capita apportionment. Per capita is the amount apportioned to each church member and is used for the administrative expenditures of the Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly.

The second main source of income is the undesignated Shared Gifts also known as Unified Ministry & Mission. Unified Ministry & Mission is an opportunity for the local congregation to give toward the mission of the whole church above and beyond any special offerings or per capita apportionment. These financial gifts are made by congregations and provide the primary source of funding for mission. These commitments support the adopted budgets of Presbytery, Synod, and the General Assembly as each body fulfills its mission statement. Proportionate sharing is agreed upon by all the governing bodies. At this point in time the Presbytery retains 75% of the offering (unless the session of the church has designated a different amount) 20% is sent on to General Assembly, and 5% to the Synod of the Northeast.

The amount retained by the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley provides the foundation for all our Mission work. Please know that 100% of the amount retained is used to support the Mission Expenditures in our budget. Your support is needed! Please remember that our Presbytery Mission is:

The Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley lives to serve and encourage congregations as we together seek to be faithful to our calling in Jesus Christ.

Please prayerfully consider supporting the Presbytery of Susquehanna Valley, The Synod of the Northeast, and the General Assembly by making a pledge today toward the 2016 Church Ministry & Mission.

Because the Church Ministry & Mission income is an important part of our budget, we ask that all forms are returned by February 1, 2019.

Please click on the button below to download the 2019 Pledge Form:

2019 Mission Pledge