Red Door Mission

These are the lines we use locally to identify our church on our mini-flyers to advertise activities for the community.  Our logo and words from our ordination vows are on our new church T-shirts and express what we hope to communicate to our neighbors.

We are one of five churches in our Presbytery participating in the “New Beginnings” process.  Four “House Meeting” groups met during Eastertide to study the assessment report about our church and community.

On Pentecost (an appropriate day for this) — the New Beginnings leadership team reported to the congregation that we decided to participate in “mission redefinition.”  They also shared some of the “bold ideas” for missional work in our community.  This month we plan to put up a “graffiti board” to post these ideas with space for people to add comments and to volunteer their gifts and talents.

Since we are still working on what “mission redefinition” will look like for us, we have begun the process of inviting our mayor, city planner, and council members to attend a potluck dinner with the congregation the last week in June.  The city leaders will be given a tour of our building and asked to share their perceived needs of the community in the wards near our church.

On a related note — “hands-on” mission was one of the areas that we were encouraged to increase by our New Beginnings assessment report.  One of our teenagers is stepping up to the challenge by going on a Jamaican Mission Trip with First Presbyterian, Oneonta.